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Bringing the flavor of the pickle shops of the Lower East Side, to Pennsylvania!!
Eastern European immigrants cramped into the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and looked for an inexpensive taste of home!  For decades New York City's Lower East Side has maintained a reputation as the center of all things pickled, now Moishe's Pickle's is bringing these memorable tastes and delicacies found in their fresh products to you. 

Lower East Side Early 1900's

Visit us in our various locations in Pennsylvania! You will have fun and be in open fresh air!  It will never be as crowded as this!

Essex and Grand, where many Eastern European's settled. 

We will do the traveling and bring the taste of  Lower East Side pickles to you here in Pennsylvania!

Pushcarts were the stores where all kinds of items were sold, including Pickles!

Now you can order our pickles and we will bring them to our locations for Pick-Up!!!

For all things pickled!!!!!

Kossar Bagels

Kossar Bialy

Kossar's Babka

Our Menu

Our main specialty is Old Fashioned Pickles, but we are always adding some new waive kinds of pickled products.  One of our unique products, is Pickled Watermelon, but it is only seasonal, ask us about it!

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Gift Platters

This would be the hit of any gathering. Bring a personally selected array of delicious Pickled delights to your friends, family or colleagues.  It's a unique gift for the Host, instead of a traditional and usual bottle of wine, or a cake. Why not buy one or two for your next gathering!!  Everyone will love it and enjoy all the tasty pickled delicacy's! 
Available in 2 sizes!!


Always looking for the Perfect Pickle

Jack Intrator, owner of Moishe's Pickles, since 2019,  says "I’m never going to sell it if it’s just passable. Let some other guy sell it. I’m selling the perfect pickle and sours.” 

Constantly on the move!

Join us at our locations.
We will be bringing our traditional pickles as well as some additional specialties.
This Week we will be at the Following Markets.
Saturday: East Falls Farmers Market. Pretzel Park and our Newest Market: 

Artisan's Markes 50 Yorktown Plaza Elkins Park,PA 19027